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These super soft and fluffy yarns are dyed to compliment the rest of the Camel's Yarn range. This is a Suri Alpaca and Silk blend so can be used on its own or coupled with another yarn base.


Weight: Lace

Composition: 76% Baby Suri Alpaca, 24% Mulberry Silk.

Quantity: 50g/1.76oz and approximately 300m/328 yards per skein.

Recommended Needle Size: 1.25 - 4mm depending if knit alone or held with another yarn (check your pattern and gauge for further details).


Care instructions: This is a Non-Superwash yarn and therefore requires more care when washing. Please use cold water, and avoid wool wash where possible. Non-superwash yarns, and silk blends are more likely to bleed when rinsing (especially with darker colours) - using warm/hot water and wool wash increases the chances of dye leaching from the yarn

The Camel's Yarn Suri Silk Alpaca