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Would I lie to you? Summer is the perfect time for knitting socks!

It's time for me to convince you that socks really are the perfect summer knitting project. Not only are they light, they are also usually knitted in the most beautiful fine yarns, so they won't get you all hot and sweaty as you make them either. And they are also fantastically portable too! The best thing about them is that there are so many easy sock patterns that allow you to just knit around and around, apart from some shaping at the heel and toe, so they can be quite mindful to do, and there are no seams to sew up either!

I literally take mine everywhere with me. I use a project bag that I can easily slip over my arm, pop in the yarn and needles and I am good to go. Socks have come to the beach, around the golf course (obvs I am only spectating!), out on walks with friends, or have been a great accompaniment whilst listening to books or podcasts in the garden.

My sock knitting has become a bit of an obsession as I seem to always have a pair on my needles and as soon as I finish one pair I am onto the next. But at least I have been able to knit up a stash of gifts for the family this summer ready for planned celebrations like, (ssshhhh is it too soon to mention Christmas ?), or birthdays. There is something so satisfying about a quick project and a finished pair of socks. Or is it just me?

My sock knitting isn't exclusive as I usually have other projects on the go at the same time, but they are my 'go to' when I want something simple and quick to pick up and take with me. I can't be the only one who hates having idle hands?

Recommendations and recent knits

Probably too many recommendations to mention but I have been enjoying knitting shortie socks this summer. One of my recent finished pairs is the 'Dainty' sock by Lisa Mutch and this cute little ankle sock is so easy to do and I could get 2 pairs out of 100g of fingering sock weight yarn! Mine were knitted in some of our bespoke 'Cornish Springtime' yarn from the lovely Hannah at the Camel's Yarn. A perfect little stash buster for any leftover yarns too and I loved the little picot cuff!

Another shortie pair that will definitely be knitted again was the 'Cafe au Lait' anklet sock pattern by This Handmade Life. I really enjoyed the little bit of lace on the top of the sock and it was a simple and easy to learn repeat which is perfect for my wandering with socks addiction.

For a basic sock I tend to use the same pattern which I know so well now that I could probably knit them up in my sleep (I have to say I have not tried that yet though so I may be exaggerating just a tad). The Vanilla Latte Socks by Virginia Rose-Jeanes are sooo simple to do but I love the little bit of rib detail for interest and fit and I have a pair on my needles right at this moment using a self striping yarn I found in my stash. Recent makes of this pattern have been in Amble yarn (love, love , love this yarn for soft and cosy socks) and from yarns from a wide variety of our indie dyers on sock based yarns in a merino/nylon blend, or BFL which is a particular favourite of mine, or other British fibres that work well for socks such as John Arbon Exmoor sock, Garthenor No.2 4ply, or Telling Yarns British fibres.

I tend to opt for a flap and gusset (I really hate the word 'gusset' can't we come up with something nicer?) heel but for my latest pair I am trying the 'afterthought' heel method. A scary prospect for me as it means cutting into my knitting. That feels just wrong but I am trying to push the boundaries a little so I will let you all know how that goes. Many people say that the fit is better than with other methods so I am interested to see whether that's the same for me. I like the thought of just knitting a tube as I go on my travels out and about and then adding the heel at the end so I am hoping I like it! I am using the Andrea Mowry method for this on YouTube as my guide, I feel safe with her.

Have I convinced you yet?

What more can I say? You really have to give socks a try.

And if you aren't sure how to knit socks then look out for beginner sock knitting workshops coming to the shop in the autumn. These will introduce you to the techniques you need to learn, the types of yarn you can use, and any additional equipment needed.

If you are with me already and you are a committed sock addict then see you out and about with your socks!

Happy knitting and if you have any sock pattern recommendations get in touch!

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