TOFT Crochet Kits




A selection of crochet kits from the popular Edward’s Menagerie crochet pattern collection by Kerry Lord. TOFT’s range of crochet project kits contain their luxurious pure wool DK yarn and an easy-to-follow downloadable pattern with video links for all the techniques.

These are graded into levels 1-3 in terms of difficulty and are a great gift or pack for beginners and more advanced crochet enthusiasts alike.


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TOFT Crochet Kits

Florence the Orca, Rebecca the Sea Turtle, Bryce the Great White Shark, Jessica and Tate the Bottlenose Dolphins, Joanne the Lobster, Dave the Seagull, Chablis the Unicorn, Dippy the Diplodocus, Sophia the Flamingo, Rory the Northern Cardinal, Atticus the Snake, Alice the Zebra, Austin the Rhino, Georgina the Hippo, Charlotte the Silver Leaf Monkey and Baby, Kerry the Chameleon, Emma the Bunny, Eleanor the Labrador, Angharad the Donkey, Benedict the Chimpanzee