100% Organic Cotton Hand Crocheted Facecloth and Cornish Soap set


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This lovely little handmade 100% organic cotton crocheted facecloth is the perfect gift for those people who care about the amount of face wipes that pollute our planet and want a kinder, prettier alternative.

This gift comes with a hand crocheted facecloth made from our Krea Deluxe Organic Cotton, Cornish soap from Suddy Nora, all tied together in a ribbon.

Facecloth can be washed in 60 degree temperatures and comes up lovely and clean every time.

Patterns and colours vary. If you would like a specific colour from our Krea Deluxe range of cotton yarns email us on info@stitchesandcream.co.uk and we will see what we can do. https://www.stitchesandcream.co.uk/product/krea-deluxe-organic-cotton/

we also have kits on our website for you to make your own too! https://www.stitchesandcream.co.uk/product/crochet-kits-100-organic-cotton-facecloths/


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